What is suresmile?

suresmile treatment uses advanced digital scanning and orthodontic planning software to make treatment faster. suresmile has been proven to reduce average treatment by up to 30% which can mean your braces come off up to 6months earlier. suresmile will look much like regular braces to you, however behind the scenes your orthodontist is using the latest 3D software to diagnose and design your smile. It also allows your orthodontist to see your teeth from all angles. They won’t miss a thing when planning how your teeth will move and fit together. The suresmile treatment system allows doctors to precisely and efficiently move your teeth and this helps to make treatment faster. suresmile technology is suitable for everyone and can be used for labial (braces on the outside of your teeth) or lingual treatment (braces behind your teeth). So if fast, convenient treatment is important to you, suresmile could be a great option.

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– WHY WE OFFER suresmile? –

Advanced technology

Improved, close-up 3D visualisation of your teeth and orthodontic concerns

Time and results

Reduced overall treatment time for patients, while maintaining excellent results


Efficient suresmile wires, meaning fewer total appointments for patients

– HOW DOES suresmile WORK –

Suresmile treatment will appear much the same as conventional treatment to begin with. You will have braces and wires fitted for several weeks before you’re ready to start the suresmile process. Your Orthodontist will then assess your progress and how your teeth are moving to determine when you’re ready to begin suresmile.


First a 3D scan will be taken

suresmile technology uses a digital scan of your mouth and teeth to create a 3D model.

3D suresmile plan

Once the model is created your orthodontist will design your final smile in the computer. They will carefully look at your teeth from all angles and close-up to make fine micro adjustments. The suresmile model allows your orthodontist to see more than they would normally by looking in your mouth, so treatment is very precise. Once your doctor is 100% satisfied with your smile design, custom suresmile wires are ordered for delivery.

Customised precision archwires are ordered

suresmile wires are made from various metals to suit all sorts of treatment stages. Importantly each wire is custom designed by your doctor and then bent by a robot. Each wire is specific to your teeth and treatment and bent with robotic precision to 1/10th of a millimetre of accuracy. The 3D planning and robotic precision custom wires all work to make treatment fast, efficient and precise.

How often do I have to see my orthodontist?

A big benefit of suresmile treatment is fewer in office appointments for you. Because your orthodontist can precisely design your smile in the suresmile software more bends can be added to you suresmile wires. More bends mean your wires are working harder for longer so you don’t have to have as many minor adjustments as with conventional braces. Appointments with suresmile treatment can be 8-10 weeks compared to 6-8 weeks without suresmile.


suresmile treatment steps

  1. Consultation Appointment
  2. Fitted with your choice of clear or metal braces and first wires
  3. 1-2 Regular check-ups and adjustment appointments
  4. 3D suresmile scan
  5. Orthodontist completes your smile design in suresmile software and orders suresmile wires
  6. You are fitted with custom suresmile wires
  7. suresmile checks and adjustments
  8. Debanding appointment

How Long will treatment take with suresmile?

suresmile has be proven to significantly reduce treatment time for all patients and all types of orthodontic concerns. Some patient’s treatment is reduced by up to 6 months using suresmile compared to if they had had conventional braces. Many factors go into determining how long treatment will take and this always depends on what is being corrected. The suresmile technology certainly helps the doctor deliver great results, faster and more conveniently to you. So if you have a deadline, like a wedding or holiday coming up, suresmile could be a great option for you.

Is it covered by health insurance?

If your insurance policy has orthodontic coverage, suresmile treatment will be covered. As medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, you should check with your health fund.

Does suresmile treatment cost more?

No, we see it as a benefit for everyone involved!

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