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Sydney Smile Specialist are now Chatswood Orthodontics

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Why Chatswood Orthodontics


When you walk into our office there is a calmness and a feeling of professionalism with a smile.
Here are four great reasons why you should choose Chatswood Orthodontics.

1 Hour Consultation

Your initial consultation will be 1 hour with Dr Tarraf, who will explain all your options, take records and go through your treatment plan in detail.

3D Simulation

As part of the records we take, we show you a 3D simulation of your teeth on-screen. You can see how they will move and what your final outcome will look like.

Lingual Specialists

Chatswood Orthodontics prides itself on lingual treatment. We use recognised brands like Incognito, suresmile and WIN, which we then match to your specific concerns.


Our aim is to make treatment as affordable as possible. We offer interest free payment plans, so you could get a beautiful smile for as little as $65 per week.

Invisible Orthodontics

We don’t promote one technique or brand over the other. We specialise in Invisible Orthodontics. In many cases, we combine different techniques and technologies to accommodate the unique and individual needs of each patient.

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Your Fast Cosmetic options!

Want to improve your smile quickly? Then our cosmetic treatment options are for you! We offer a range of short-term orthodontic options including lingual braces, Invisalign Lite and suresmile that deliver fast and effective results

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Prevention is better than being reactive. Getting in early for growth guidance will save you money and time in the future


Teenage years are best for orthodontic treatment, their jaws are still developing, while most of their adult teeth will have erupted.


Its not too late, adult orthodontic treatment has become common place and with a range of invisible options now available, being discreet is easy.

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