Dr Nour Tarraf

Dr Nour Tarraf

Dr Nour Tarraf completed his Bachelor of Dentistry at Cairo University with Honours in 2001, followed by an Orthodontic residency at Cairo University, before moving to Sydney with his wife in 2005 to join the Orthodontic Masters Degree program.

Dr Tarraf finished his Masters Degree in Orthodontics at the University of Sydney in 2008 with Honours. He also received the University Award for the best overall postgraduate performance in the Masters Degree at the Faculty of Dentistry, as well as the International Merit scholarship for three consecutive years. Nour also completed the membership exams in orthodontics for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2008. He holds membership with the Australian Dental Association, Australian Society of Orthodontists, European Society of Orthodontics and the Australasian Society of Lingual Orthodontics.

Dr Tarraf worked for a period between private practice in Canberra and teaching at the University of Sydney, where he was involved in research and teaching as well as the management of complex cases that qualify for treatment in the public system. He then joined the Chatswood practice in 2010, taking over ownership in 2012.
He enjoys treating both children and adults with an emphasis on achieving facial and dental harmony. He believes in the importance of correct treatment timing in growing children to achieve the best dental and facial outcomes, while making the treatment simple and enjoyable. Dr Tarraf is particularly interested in the use of aesthetic and invisible appliances such as Invisalign. He is one of Sydney’s leading practitioners of lingual (behind the teeth braces) Incognito. He believes that modern technology offers every patient an invisible treatment solution.

Dr Tarraf is one of Sydney’s pioneers in the use of TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices). He has used them since 2003 and successfully integrated them into our treatment protocols here in Chatswood. TADs are a technology that greatly increase what is achievable through orthodontics for many patients with missing teeth and severe skeletal discrepancies. For adult patients with complicated bite problems, their treatment options are also widened.

Dr Tarraf also has an interest in teaching and research and is involved in both fields at the University of Sydney, where he is doing a part time PhD on the applications of TADs in the management of maxillary (upper jaw) deficiency in growing children. He also teaches regularly at the Long Ortho Course part of the University of Sydney program for continuing professional development for general dentists. He has lectured nationally and internationally and has a number of published papers. In 2013, he was awarded the Emerging Lecturer Award by the Australian Dental Association and Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Nour resides in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with his English wife and two young daughters. They love Sydney and the outdoorsy lifestyle it offers. Being keen triathletes, they are most often found racing Triathlon on weekends in one of Sydney’s beauty spots, handing over the kids as batons! Nour likes to run or ride his bicycle to Chatswood (he’d even swim here if he could…) so next time you bump into him on the road send him a friendly wave. Nour also enjoys golf and used to play a handicap 5 in wistful years gone by.

Nour is always at hand to talk about Orthodontics to our patients and is committed to providing patients with the most outstanding and state of the art orthodontic care.

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Below shows a little more about Dr Tarraf, including his Scientific Publications about orthodontics, and also a link to an interview he did with the ADA in 2015, about orthodontics, life, family and his new approach to providing a better service for his patients.

Dr Tarraf's Publications

Dr Tarraf’s puclications:

Scientific Publications:

Tarraf NE (2015) The Adult Orthodontic Patient: More Options than Ever Before!. Dentistry 5: 278. doi:10.4172/2161-1122.1000278
Tarraf NE, The application of skeletal anchorage in the correction of anterior open bite and skeletal Class III malocclusion: a paradigm shift, Annals or the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons,2012 Vol 21, 113-119

Foot R, Dalci O(1), Gonzales C, Tarraf NE, Darendeliler MA. The short-term skeleto-dental effects of a new spring for the intrusion of maxillary posterior teeth in open bite patients. Prog Orthod. 2014 Sep 25;15:56

Phelan A, Tarraf NE, Taylor P, Hönscheid R, Drescher D, Baccetti T, Darendeliler MA Skeletal and dental outcomes of a new magnetic functional appliance, the Sydney Magnoglide, in Class II correction. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2012 Jun;141(6):759-72

Principle Author of two 2008 ASO Brighter Futures newsletters titled “Orthodontic-Endodontic Considerations” Parts I and II. Clickable link
Part 1

Part 2


Co-author of two 2009/2010 ASO Brighter Futures newsletters “Drugs and Orthodontic Treatment” parts I and II.

Part 1

Part 2

Foot R, Tarraf N, Gonzales C, Darendeliler M. The Sydney Intrusion Spring (SIS): An appliance for the intrusion of posterior maxillary teeth. A Prospective Clinical Study. University of Sydney, 2011.

Al-Mozany S, Tarraf N, Dalci O, Gonzales C, Darendeliler M. Treatment of Class III malocclusions using Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) and intermaxillary Class III elastics in the growing patient. University of Sydney, 2011.

ADA interview with Dr Tarraf

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