Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment. At our practice we pride ourselves on having a large percentage of adult patients. In fact 40% of our patients are adults. This is because we specialise in invisible orthodontic treatment.

We provide orthodontic treatment options that are invisible and discrete. We promise to make invisible treatment an option for everyone.

Why do adults seek orthodontic treatment?

In our experience there are three main groups of adult patients.

Straight teeth / improved smile

Adults seeking comprehensive orthodontic treatment (meaning they are seeking straight teeth and bite correction): It is these patients who have always needed orthodontic treatment but never received it. For one reason or another they missed treatment as a teenager and are now seeking orthodontic work as adults.

Adjunctive orthodontic treatment

Adults needing adjunctive orthodontic treatment (orthodontics to help other dental work to be carried out): This group of adults has very specific needs, often requiring orthodontic work for further dental treatment. Space usually needs to be created by your orthodontist for tooth implants to be placed or for dental restoration. We work very closely with your dentist in these cases to ensure efficient treatment and great results.

Relapse after previous orthodontic treatment

I had orthodontics as child but my teeth have now gone crooked again! If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. This group of adults had orthodontic treatment in their formative years but has now experienced relapse. Relapse normally occurs because you’ve stopped wearing your removable retainers and your teeth have shifted to varying degrees.
This is one of the most rapidly growing groups of patients. Most adults that experience relapse didn’t receive a fixed, bonded retainer, which is standard in our practice. You’re inclined to forget about wearing your removable retainers so your front teeth are the first to go crooked again.

“I had orthodontics growing up but my teeth have now gone crooked again!” is a very common complaint.

Why Chatswood Orthodontics?

A friendly, experienced and dedicated team

Our team are specialists and orthodontics is all we do. All our staff members are highly trained and constantly refreshing their knowledge and skills on the latest advances in orthodontic treatments.

State of the art technology

We use the latest in 3D technology in diagnosis, treatment planning and appliance manufacturing to ensure you have the best possible outcomes in the shortest time possible.

Flexible and interest free payment options

Whether it’s a quick cosmetic fix or full treatment, we’ll tailor payments to suit. We offer all our patients flexible and interest free payment options to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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Accelerated orthodontic treatment

Cosmetic treatment: minor treatment fast

3D digital braces

Invisalign and clear aligners

Lingual braces, incognito braces and behind the teeth braces

Implant space preparation and extracted teeth

Snoring and sleep apnoea

Corrective jaw surgery and surgical orthodontics

suresmile braces

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Special considerations for adult patients

Teeth can move in adult patients just as in younger patients, but there a few differences:
Firstly there is no more growth in adults. This can in some cases mean correcting jaw discrepancies will be more difficult and sometimes may require including jaw surgery with the treatment.

Adults will often have dental and medical histories that will need to be taken into account. Certain medications can affect the ability of teeth to respond to orthodontic movement. Long-term use of certain anti-inflammatory drugs can slow down tooth movement and sometimes inhibit it. These are commonly prescribed in patients with arthritis and it is important to tell us about it so we can evaluate any potential influences on your treatment.

Medication that can influence bone turnover, such as medication prescribed for osteoporosis can have a similar effect. Again it is simply a case of letting us know and we can talk with the prescribing physician about alternatives that can be used during your orthodontic treatment.

If you want to read more about orthodontic treatment options for adults read this paper that Dr Tarraf wrote explaining the merits of the most recent treatment options for adults

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