Fast Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment


Not all orthodontic treatment needs to take years and cost a lot! In fact Dr Tarraf can offer FAST treatment options to suit every budget and priority. Sometimes what bothers you and what bothers your orthodontist are two very different things and while achieving a ‘perfect’ smile may be nice, it may not be what you are looking for. Alternatively you may want a ‘perfect’ smile but not want to be in treatment for years.

FAST or Cosmetic treatments is always an option and Dr Tarraf offers many varieties to suit your goals. No matter whether you want a ‘perfect’ smile in record time or just want to ‘tweak’ a few things, Dr Tarraf can help. Treatment can be FAST and affordable and is designed to change what you want!

Is cosmetic treatment right for you?

Dr Tarraf will listen carefully to your goals for treatment.

How long do YOU want to be in treatment?

What things about your smile do YOU want to change?

Do you want treatment to be INVISIBLE or not?

Do you have a BUDGET in mind?

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