Clarity™ Advanced Braces

What are Clarity Advanced braces?


Clarity Advanced braces are nearly clear, ceramic braces offering patients the same great benefits associated with metal SPEED Braces but with added advantages of being clear and more aesthetic. The revolutionary ceramic material, small bracket design and ‘Spring Clip’ technology makes Clarity Advanced braces a great choice for patients concerned with aesthetics. Clarity Advanced is the smallest clear bracket on the market.

Here are some important reasons why Clarity Advanced braces are our clear bracket of choice;

• Designed to blend with your natural tooth colour
• Feature ‘Spring Clip’ technology to optimise tooth movement and patient comfort

• Ultra-small brackets, meaning less soft tissue irritation
• Resistant to staining and discolouration during treatment

• Excellent Aesthetics for patients
• Strong and reliable bracket design and bonding features to make treatment efficient
• Resistant to staining and discolouration during treatment

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Clarity Advanced braces are made from revolutionary ceramic material that allow them to be small, strong and clear against the tooth so they are barely visible. The smart ‘Spring Clip’ closure technology allows the wire to be secured in place with minimal pressure, reducing discomfort for patient’s whist optimising tooth movement in a friction-free environment. With Clarity Advanced braces patients really are afforded the benefits of aesthetics, comfort and performance not available with other conventional types of braces.



How long treatment with Clarity Advanced braces take?

Clarity Advanced braces help to make treatment efficient, meaning fewer appointments and less time in braces. The length of treatment is dependent on the severity of each individual patient’s orthodontic concerns and treatment can vary anywhere between six months to two years. Dr Tarraf’s treatment time between 12 to 14 months!

What are Clarity Advanced braces made of?

Clarity Advanced braces are a ceramic bracket, made for a revolutionary material designed specifically for orthodontics. This material allows each individual bracket to be designed with precision and allows them to be small and strong to make treatment accurate and efficient. The ceramic material is also specifically designed to blend in with natural tooth colouration. The special ceramic material reflects each patients natural tooth colour. Orthodontists choose to use Clarity Advanced braces because of their durability and reliability over other ceramic braces.

How often do I have to see my orthodontist?

Clarity Advanced braces have been designed to work efficiently in your mouth. The ‘Spring Clip’ technology creates a friction-free environment and helps maintain a constant and gentle pressure on your teeth. While your teeth are under pressure they keep moving, allowing your orthodontist to spread out your appointments while still improving your smile. Depending on the severity of your correction and the stage of treatment, appointments may be scheduled every 6- 8 weeks.


Will treatment be painful with Clarity Advanced braces?

With all orthodontic treatment people experience temporary discomfort. Depending on your sensitivity and your stage of treatment, discomfort can range from very mild to moderate, lasting a few days to a week. While short-term discomfort is normal and is typically described as a feeling of pressure Clarity Advanced braces to work to reduce this compared to conventional braces.


Will wearing the Clarity Advanced braces affect my speech?

Like all orthodontic treatments, braces may temporarily affect the speech of some people, and you may have a slight lisp for a short time. As your tongue and lips get used to moving around your new braces your lisp will disappear. Practicing challenging words is the best way to overcome and speech changes or lisps.

How much does Clarity Advanced braces cost?

Clarity Advanced are slightly more expensive that metal SPEED™ braces. They have the benefit of being clear, so patients sometimes prefer these over the metal SPEED™ braces. Some patients choose to have Clarity Advanced braces on their top teeth and metal SPEED™ braces on their lower teeth. We’ll gladly discuss all your options at your consultation.

Does Health Insurance cover Clarity Advanced Braces?

If your insurance policy has orthodontic coverage Clarity Advanced braces will be covered. As medical benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, you should check with you health fund.

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